Music streaming for drivers.
Now available for Android
Powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Any song, while you drive.
Houdini connects to your favourite music sources and streams any song, artist, album in less than a
second, right to your car.
Brilliantly simple user interface, powered entirely by voice so that you can get right to the song, artist, genre or keyword without clicking through menus.
Instant Playlist(s)
Every song request triggers Houdini to spin an instant and smart playlist - meaning no more fumbling for the next song at the end of each track.
Artificial Intelligence
Houdini is powered by continuous machine learning and AI; delivering a brilliant music experience, customized to each user.
Music streaming in the car just got a whole lot smarter.
Songs shouldn't be buried deep in menus and playlists. Houdini deconstructs your music library into a natural experience that brings your favourite music to the surface, exactly when you want to hear it.

Houdini is impressively good at playing what you want to hear - every time.
Your Music, powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Just say the word.
Houdini is powered by a brilliant and refreshingly simple voice interface.
Smart(er) playlists.
Houdini spins instant playlists based on songs, artists, music genres and keywords.
Menu-less music.
Quit fumbling through menus and lists and get right to songs or playlists in one step.
Bottomless music.
Connect to multiple music sources including Spotify®, DEEZER and SoundCloud.
Bluetooth friendly.
Blast music in the car, at the gym or through any Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers at home.
Data-driven music.
Houdini brings your favourite music to the surface by persistently analyzing and re-routing your playlists so that your experience is always perfectly unique.
Houdini is made in Waterloo, Canada.

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Houdini is made in Waterloo, Canada.
Houdini is a property of Leo Group. All rights reserved 2018.

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